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 How can you help?


No matter where you are, Parents as Teachers is there!


For every family participating in Parents as Teachers there are at least 5 more who could benefit from this program.  Funding alone determines our ability to serve more families.  With your help we can ensure that every family who wants to make sure their child gets the best start in life has the support that they need from PAT.


                Online Donation 




                Over the Phone

                To donate by phone, please call 520-545-3381


                 Visa Us Mail

                 Sunnyside Parents as Teachers

                 5445 S. Alvernon Way

                 Tucson, AZ 85706


              Other Ways to Help:


  1. Take advantage of the Arizona Public School Tax Credit (up to $400 for married couples) and your contribution supports parenting programs for teen parents.

  2. Come see what we do.  Attend one of our monthly “Show & Tell” 1-hour events, or schedule to “ride-along” on a Home Visit.  You’ll see firsthand how our program works and changes lives.

  3. Make a financial contribution directly to Sunnyside Parents as Teachers.  Funds will help hire and train additional Parent Educators to serve more families. 

  4. Join our “Circle of Champions” to learn more about Parents as Teachers and advocate on our behalf in the community.

  5. Donate in-kind items such as new books, arts & crafts supplies, copy paper, educational toys.  See our “Wish List” for ideas.

  6. Volunteer as a Parent Educator Assistant

A quote from one of the members of Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce:


"The Tucson Metro Chamber Workforce Readiness-Education Committee Improve the High School Graduation Rate project is moving forward. Student absence and suspension rates as related to early childhood influencers are prominent in our discussions.The Sunnyside Unified School District Parents as Teachers program will be included as a prominent program of advocacy with SUSD PAT's permission and approval as our project moves from start-up to implementation. The SUSD PAT clearly and successfully addresses causes rather than effects of many academic and social problems."


Success Story


When Jassiel was born two years ago, his parents brought him home from the hospital with no concerns. They decided to take their newborn to Mexico to meet his extended family. While in Mexico, they noticed that Jassiel didn’t react the same way that his big sister did when she was an infant. He didn’t startle at loud noises or seem to become soothed with soft sounds. Even with these signs, his parents were shocked at Jassiel’s 4-month appointment. The pediatrician informed them that their son had congenital hearing loss. 


Upon their return to the U.S., Jassiel’s family worked with an audiologist. They first tried hearing aids, but it did little to improve his severe hearing loss. Plus, Jassiel would not keep the devices on. The family also worked with Arizona School for Deaf and Blind. With all of the appointments and meetings, mom was feeling overwhelmed and asked her Parent Educator to be placed on hold so she could reduce her busy schedule. However, within a few months, she realized how important the connection with her Parent Educator helped to ease her stress, and the family returned to PAT.


At the beginning of October, Jassiel received a cochlear implant. One of the first events that Jassiel attended after his surgery was the Sunnyside Parents as Teachers October Library Story Hour. He and his sister, Jasmine, joined the virtual meeting. Jassiel heard music for the first time. He was able to join the fun and participated in dance and movement activities. Our staff was able to witness his joy and know that we were part of the magical moment.




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