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Brain Development and the Mastery of Language

As a parent of a young child, you probably watch with great anticipation as your child meets developmental milestones. Language is specially noticeable. Most parents are charmed by those early coos and giggles and record first words and early sentences.

Staying Fit with Your Child

Parents with Young child often feel they lack the time to keep physically fit. Caring for a baby is a 24-7 occupation. No wonder parents feel they can't go to the gym or continue to bowl in the weekly league.

On the Road to Literacy: Learning to write

Parents wait for that wonderful day when their child learns to read. But reading words is only part of early literacy-writing is important to literacy, too. And, no matter what your child's age, he is learning to write. 

Eat Your Vegetables-That means you, Parents!

"Eat your vegetables!" is a plea often heard around family dinner tables. Why is it that many young children don't seem to like vegetables? Are kids just born that way? It turns out that taste preferences are, in fact, developed prenatally. 

Technology and Tots

It's a new world and technology is king! It is not unusual to see toddlers with a mobile electronic device in their hands, working the device like pros. However, this new emergence of technology in the form of e-readers and smartphones causes our children to have full access to technology at all times. Technology has reshaped and redefined how we communicate, entertain and even play. 

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